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Advanced business intelligence solutions to transportation, infrastructures and retail.

“The implementation of BlipTrack give us another tool to help manage the operation of the airport in an even more effective way.”

Janik Reigate
Director of Customer Service at Toronto Pearson Airport

“BLIP Systems offers accurate, robust traffic monitoring from the busiest highway to city streets.”

Bob Burrows
CEO of G4Apps

“BLIP Systems provides us with valuable insights in queue times of the most important passenger processes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. These insights are used to continuously improve our performance together with our stakeholders. BLIP Systems has proved to be a reliable partner, with clear understanding of our needs.”

Martijn Van Boxtel
Operational Manager Terminal Logistics at Schiphol Group

BLIP enables Brussels Airport to monitor the quality of the terminal processes and to improve the resource planning.

Thomas Sterken
Project Manager Operations for Brussels Airport Company

BlipTrack has provided our clients with an unparalleled range of traffic information. Using the same data we can provided live travel times direct to signs and phones, identify incidents and delays through to understanding the strategic route choices, origin / destination and changing travel patterns.

Richard Young
Associate at BECA

“In CPH, we manually measured effectiveness in connection with wait time, until we found BLIP Systems’ queue and dwell time solution, BlipTrack”

Marion Lobedanz Witthøfft
Research Manager at Copenhagen Airport

“Bliptrack enables us to continually refine, evaluate and improve key operational processes.”

Bjorg Hill
Contract Manager at Oslo Airport

“BlipTrack provides us with inexpensive and reliable data collection for use in travel time calculations.”

Jonas Hammershøj Olesen
Chief Specialist at Cowi

“BlipTrack are a secure and accurate tool to calculate journey times between pre-determined points, providing information that traffic managers desperately need in order to manage congestion issues.”

John Reid
Managing Director of Austraffic

“Our use of BLIP Systems’ technology has proven quite successful. BlipTrack has enabled CVG to continue our close collaboration with TSA to ensure that the passenger experience at CVG is one that enhances the journey experience not detracts from it.”

Candace McGraw
CEO at Cincinnati Airport

“BlipTrack provides easily accessible historic data, while still analyzing live statistics on wait times, allowing us to display real-time wait times for our passengers”

Birgitte Krabbe
Head of CSC at Copenhagen Airport

“The solution helps us manage and eliminate potential problem spots within the facility, and sharing the processing time with our travelers will provide them with peace of mind, so they may continue to expect a pleasant travel experience.”

Gert-Jan de Graaff
President and CEO of JFKIAT

“With the automatic BlipTrack measurings, we now know precisely how many passengers to expect at the passport control at specific hours, and based on that we can reduce tailbacks.”

Kaj Lykke Majlund
Commanding Police Officer at Copenhagen Airport

“BlipTrack has given us a dynamic & valid tool to document our performance against the SLA, and also to ensure that the right numbers of staff are in the right place, at the right time, for our passengers.”

Rick Mernock
Head of Performance at Manchester Airport

“By implementing BlipTrack at the airport, we are able to provide our passengers with a faster, more accurate information about wait time—and offer a better service.”

Ward Decaluwé
Head of Passenger and Customer Services at Brussels Airport

“The BlipTrack solution is easy to install and commission, and the filter engine provides a robust method for removing the outlier data sets caused by vehicles stopping at shops, etc.”

Nick Hewitson
Managing Director of Smart CCTV

“For the purpose of measuring travel time, it is our experience that BlipTrack is a precise and viable solution to support the need for our clients.”

Peyman Tavakoli
Business Area Manager for Peek Traffic Sweden

“BlipTrack gives us a clear picture of passenger movements, allowing us to provide the best customer service and proactively manage service levels before any issues arise”

Giorgio Medici
Head of Customer Care at Milano Malpensa Airport

“The Blip Systems solutions are very focused, adequate and robust. The BlipTrack sensors measure extremely correct and are very stable, leaving no room for bias on the delivered data. The solution has allowed us to measure visitors in the framework of Economic Impact Studies, on several events, in a scientifically sound manner”.

Arie Delanote
Managing Partner at Made4it

“The BlipTrack solution provides the Aalborg City Business Association with an in-depth understanding on how people move within the city and measures the economic impact of events. The data allow us to analyze, optimize and improve large-scale events, such as the Tall Ships Races and the annual Christmas market”.

Flemming Tingbak
Director of Aalborg City Business Association

“BLIP Systems delivers privacy-proof, secure and valid measuring solutions.”

Eelco Thellier
Program Manager for Smart Station ( NPC )

“BLIP Systems has always provided reliable hardware and efficient responsive service. I have no hesitation in recommending BlipTrack.”

Chris Vallyon
Project Manager / Senior Transport Analyst at Beca

“BlipTrack has positioned CVG on the technology cutting edge of real-time wait analytics and efficiency planning. The solution provide us with immediate visibility to the customer experience and resource effectiveness with throughput planning. BlipTrack allows to put the customer at ease at a critical stress point and instilling our expectations around superior customer experience.”

Brian Cobb
Vice President, Customer Experience at CVG

“BLIP systems´ traffic monitoring solution BlipTrack has given us a unique opportunity to deliver new logistics solutions for the benefit of our customers”

Mette Schmidt
Chief Technical Officer for the Port of Aalborg

“The solution alerts airport employees about developing bottlenecks which allows them to react to the situation more quickly.”

Daryl Jameson
Vice President at JFKIAT


BlipTrack integrates, extracts and analyzes data from BlipTrack sensors and third-party sources.

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Analyzed data is presented in a web-based, intuitive user interface with graphs and dashboard views.

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BlipTrack helps decision makers to understand and improve infrastructure, traveler experience and businesses.

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