Partnership to Help Ease Traffic in Belgium Announced. (August 18th, 2014)
BLIP Systems´ Danish Partner COWI Deploys BlipTrack in Neighboring Copenhagen Municipalities. (June 20th, 2014)
BLIP Systems airport partner Lockheed Martin is installing the first full-scale installation of the Bliptrack solution in the US. (June 12th, 2014)
ITS World Congress 2014

BlipTrack provides useful information to decision makers, helping them to understand, evaluate and optimize flow, improving infrastructure utilization and traveler experience.

BlipTrack visualize data, collected in road traffic, airports and train stations, in an online user interface.

BlipTrack integrates, extracts and analyzes data, using BlipTrack sensors as well as third-party sources. Data accessible from a single interface, provides a complete overview of the situation.