BLIP Systems´ Danish Partner COWI Deploys BlipTrack in Neighboring Copenhagen Municipalities. (June 20th, 2014)
BLIP Systems airport partner Lockheed Martin is installing the first full-scale installation of the Bliptrack solution in the US. (June 12th, 2014)
BLIP Systems teams up with Advanced Vision Application Co Ltd (AVA) to take on Chinese Market (May 29th, 2014)

Take the guesswork out of traffic and passenger flow monitoring

1 • Measure

The BlipTrack solution works by collecting data from BLIP Systems’ Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors as well as third-party data sources.

The raw data from the sensors is encrypted and transferred in real-time via Ethernet or mobile broadband to a secure cloud server.

2 • Optimize

Through various dynamic outlier filters, data is extracted and separated. For instance, the solution can remove devices which deviate from other devices completing the same route. In addition, all devices must meet a set of predefined requirements to be valid.

Devices can be filtered and catagorized based on device type, speed, location or historical data.

The results are presented in an online multilingual graphical user interface (GUI), which can be customized to each individual user.

BlipTrack can easily be integrated with existing management systems through various data output facilities. In addition to PDF, CSV and XML export, the solution can also be integrated through HTTP and SOAP-based API. GUI dashboards and graphs are also available using Java scripts.

3 • Improve

With analyzed data from multiple data sources and accessible from a single interface, BlipTrack provides decision makers with a unique tool to give a complete overview. This enables decision makers to effectively understand, evaluate and optimize traffic and people flow, improving infrastructure utilization, traveler experience and local business.