BlipTrack - A Smart City Solution

The ability to gather, process and visualize data from multiple sources creates new possibilities to optimize and improve infrastructures and businesses.


BLIP Systems offers advanced business intelligence solutions to smart cities within all sectors of transportation. Airports, traffic control centers, train stations and retail environments all use big data to improve businesses, but data shared between them provides an even greater value for all.

BlipTrack gathers data from multiple sources, across multi-modal transport networks, and analyzes it in one central server. This gives decision makers a unique tool to optimize and improve businesses across several areas and platforms, providing them with a complete overview of the situation.


BlipTrack integrates, extracts and analyzes data, using BlipTrack Bluetooth and WiFi sensors as well as third-party sources such as radar, infrared, cameras, loops and more.

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BlipTrack visualize the collected data and present it in an graphical user interface. Data can easily be integrated through various output facilities and open standard protocols.

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BlipTrack provides useful information to decision makers, helping them to understand, evaluate and optimize flow, improving infrastructure utilization and traveler experience.

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